I acquired my cats in 2012. At the time I had to have my upper spine removed as I had a 70 to 80 degree curvature. When I was well enough to have cats, I got MJ and Earl, they are brother and sister. At the time I was living in San Bruno. I retired in 2017 before I moved to Sacramento. Once I had gotten settled in Sacramento I unfortunately lost my little Miss MJ. Knowing that Earl was lonely I decided to go to Pet Smart as they were having an adoption day for cats. This is where I met a little girl named Lily, she was a sweet little girl, so I adopted her. Mr. Earl and Miss Lily get along great Mr. Earl is 11 years old and Miss Lily is almost 2. Miss Lily loves to open doors, since I have flip handles on my doors it is no task for her to do. She jumps up and opens the doors into the laundry room. They both love to snuggle and be loved. I have also had horses for 38 years, I received my first horse when I was nineteen, her name was Candy. Candy was a quarter/morgan, she was a black mare. We had many adventures. I was fortunate enough to have been able to love and care for Candy for 21 years. My second horse was a registered quarter horse named Maggie, she was 4 years old when I bought her. Maggie was the color of a bright copper penny. I had Maggie for 23 years, she was so much fun, we went camping, trailed to parks did a lot of trail riding we had 23 years of fun. I was born in San Francisco, California, grew up in Daley City, California for my younger years and we moved to San Bruno, California when I was 19. My Grandfather bought Candy for me as a Christmas gift. Luckily, there was the San Francisco watershed area about 15 minutes from where we lived so I could go riding with her whenever I could find the time. I have loved horses since I was 5 years old and will always have a passion for them. My love of all things big and small is what has led me to this wonderful venture of being able to offer products to all of those who share my love of animals.
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